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Discussion in 'Knife Sheaths' started by Geoffrey, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. Geoffrey

    Geoffrey Active Member

    I am still getting my wishlist built from the USA Knife Maker site.

    Today I have been putting together my list of kydex and related parts.

    I plan to mostly use .08 and .093 kydex but a little bit of .06 will be used for small projects.

    I am looking at eyelets and I have a question for you all.

    Ideally I would like to find one size that can work with all three thicknesses. The S-61 specs: Use to join 2 pieces of .090" 0r 2-3 pieces of .060" Boltaron. Based on the specs these should work with 2 layers of the .06 and .08 for sure. It says 2 layers of .09 but will it work with 2 layers of .093.

    I realize that 2 layers of .093 is only an extra 0.006 from the listed S-61 specs, I just want to make sure these would work with 2 layers of all 3 of the kydex thicknesses I intend to use.

    Thanks folks.
  2. BossDog

    BossDog & Owner

    They will work.
  3. Geoffrey

    Geoffrey Active Member

    Thanks BossDog.

    I thought it would be hearing from you I will order without hesitation.

  4. FGYT

    FGYT Well-Known Member

    I use .125" Kydex eyelets ie designed to join 2 thicknesses of .125" on all thicknesses from 2 60 thou up and works fine in fact you get a nice roll

    basically I've found any eyelet will work any thickness Up to its max So i only buy the longest available saves stocking all the sizes in all the colours in all the lengths. also means i can join more than 2 layers ;)

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