Kukri WIP

Justin W.

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Hey what’s up guys! Lately I’ve been working on this Kukri in my spare time. The Kukri has always held a special place in my heart just because of the history and legend that surrounds them also the fact that it was one of the first knives I made! After I made my first one I knew I needed ALOT more experience before I made another that could preform two and a half years later ready to give this another shot. Now I don’t have a hollow grinding wheel and I hear that doesn’t suit choppers wheel anyways so I’m gonna separate this blade into two separate flat grinds and then blend them once I’m done. My steel of choice is 1/4” 80crv2 and it will have a black G10 handle and a cerakote finish. Thanks for checking it out.90FA3085-4C85-439D-9803-4442ED44ADB7.jpeg21F8666D-3E5D-43B8-8726-7F8C3F198058.jpeg957A8310-2D16-4B8E-8DC0-13E77E8D8E69.jpegECDEB697-4A66-406B-A4A4-2BC9A3C3B62B.jpeg
Now the blending part was a bit tricky I was having a hard time getting the lines to look clean down by the plunge line. I would title the blade and run it on the very edge of my grinder to take that curve and it worked really well but I’m not quite skilled enough to make that grind line crisp around that curve. I talked to John Wilson and he advised me to run the curve vertically on my small contact wheel so I’m gonna do that next time. Also I ground in a swedge....................for no other reason than I think they are cool!
Alright so after I got the HT done I wanted to do a stonewash finish but my etching process didn’t really work out so that’s whe I decided to have this blade cerakoted. Now instead of doing the removable scales I’m going to be premaking my handle and completely finishing everything but the pins then I will carefully glue it up and acetone the crap out of everything lol! I still haven’t decided what color I’m gonna have it cerakoted but I feel that a matte black would look really professional 9436F06F-8D99-46F1-9A53-F679136E2A2D.jpeg