Kris Thumbnail

Hi Knifedogs,

I just finished this up yesterday. I like making these "Thumbnails" and my customers seem to like them as well. This was chisel ground out of Starrett O-1 with a forge finish handle and a heat colored butt. I inlayed green Europium glow power on the bevel side and aqua on the flat side. I had a tough time getting a pic of it in the dark, but this stuff is really, really brite.

There is a slight nick in the front curve that will be polished out in final sharpening.

Thanks for looking guys and gals,






Les George

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I have looked at this pic atleast 4 times now, I dig that grind! :) I gotta try a kris grind..... ;)
Thanks for the comments,

I actually used the corner of a platen and played with the belt tracking. It was easier than I thought. This was a practice for a bigger, forged, modern Kris I have been planning. I think doing this in a double grind will not be so easy.

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