Knives of KCKA


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Here' a couple that will be on display this weekend at the shop tour.

Dave from Diller


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Steve Culver

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Can't wait to coon finger these two, Dave. :D

How is everything going for the shop tour? Need anything, or any help? Jim Bevan and I expect to be at your shop around 9am.

Andy Garrett

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Dang Steve..., is that sub-hilt new?

That dog bone of yours is sweet too Dave!

Ya know..., there's a tattoo artist here in Wichita that has been tattooing for over 20 years and has no tattoos. Sometimes I feel like the knifemaker who doesn't make knives. I gotta find some time!

My presense at Dave's this weekend is not looking good fellas. Hopefully there are enough board members present to do business without my vote. Sorry it's always the same ol' story with me.


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Steve, We should be set and I'll be looking for you and Jim at 9.

Andy, Well there goes the motorcycle parking.

Dave from Diller

mike miller

You guys need to check out Chuck Ward picture site of a Phil Evans bowie he recently posted. Phil that is a very nice pattern to the damascus and the mammoth ivory handle is right up my alley.

Phil Evans

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Thanks a lot Mike, I just got home and saw the pictures myself. Thanks for the kind words, here is one of the pictures.


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