Knife Storage for Transport


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Hey guys,
Great site - I'm a new guy to pro sharpening and I was wondering what other pro sharpeners use to transport knives from customer to shop and back. Does anyone have a recommended carrying case for at least 10 knives? Or anyone have a different approach? There are ZERO stores in my area selling these things so I figure if I have to order it off the internet, I might as well get the best there is.

Thanks. And again, great site - I read the whole 'Sharpening, Maintenance etc.' section last night and was dreaming about sharpening knives all night!

How many knives are you carrying at a time? When I go to gun shows, I just carry my blades in those rectangular plastic tubs (wrapped in my case, of course) you can get from big box stores. Hope that helps.
My knives travel in a Pelican 1610. If I'm traveling via air, I always have a handgun in there so it's required to be double padlocked, with ONLY me having the keys. Most airports give baggage with firearms special handling. In many, the case is hand carried to and from the airplane, and must be picked up in a special location, where you must provide photo ID to claim it. The 1610 is the largest Pelican case that you can take on the airlines without the "over sized" baggage charges.
Lol...that's slick! Add a handgun and get curbside service....probably not the only reason it's there but sure adds 'care" to the handling of your knives.
That's part of the reason I do it. Without a firearm in there, they will not let you lock it, or you are forced to use the cheesy TSA locks. It's kind of ironic that they give it the kind of handling they do because of a $150 handgun....but there you thousands of dollar worth of knives.
I personally think it's only prudent to travel, especially by air, with all the security you can for your knives. With a handgun in there, the airlines require TWO padlocks be placed on the case, and nobody but the owner has the keys. Nothing is foolproof.... a couple of years ago I landed in Atlanta, and could not find my knife case (the Pelican 1610, which is rather large), and after a frantic search by the airlines and myself, I found my case back in a secluded corner of the baggage area with one of the padlocks "jimmied", and the other with signs of tampering..... but whoever did it, never got inside..... lucky for me.

Some folks ship their knives via overnight methods to shows, but that's hit-n-miss too. Several years ago I tried it..... overnight to the Blade Show..... shipped on a Wed, I got there on Thur., but my knives did not show up until late Saturday afternoon. That was one of the worst shows I've had in recent memory.... because when the show opened, I had a number of people who ran to my table.... and I had no knives! I fought with UPS for several months seeking to get my $180 shipping charge refunded.....but it never happened.

I am totally against putting knives in personal baggage (like a suitcase), because EVERY year somebody, who does that, gets their knives ripped off either going to, or coming from the Blade Show.