Knife sharpener for non-knifemaker?


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Do you all have any knife sharpener recommendations for a non-knifemaker, to be used mostly for kitchen knives?
I always recommend a spyderco sharpmaker for maintenance in between sharpening to my customers. If the edge angles are set up properly by a pro you can maintain a good long time this way.
For a non-knife person, I'll second that Spyderco system. My wife can use it with no problems although she rarely needs to because she just hands all her knives to me...
Great suggestions. I think I'm going to share these links on my knifemaker page because I'm always being asked for recommendations. I need something better to offer other than "anything that doesn't involve the back side of your electric can opener". I'd say "you'd be surprised" but as fellow knifemakers, I know you wouldn't be...
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I have a couple of those, one for the truck, another for the kitchen and in the shop as well. 600 grit and fast! To maintain an edge it is a no fuss solution. Just match the angle and go. I do find that a 600 grit edge does all our cutting needs perfectly.

Those work but for a non knife guru it may be hard to match the angle already on the blade without a guide of some kind. If they do not get the angle right that sharpener will not work. I have used these angle guides on a ceramic rod for a inexpensive alternative knife sharpener and they are surprisingly easy to use with the right guide in place. Use a regular old pink pencil eraser to clean the ceramic rod when it gets dirty and bam. It does not get easier IMO.