Knife Rights Vermont Knife Law Preemption Bill Hearing - CALL/WRITE Chairman TODAY!

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    Knife Rights' Todd Rathner testified yesterday at the Vermont House Government Operations hearing on H.128, a Knife Rights' Knife Law Preemption bill sponsored by Rep. Patrick Brennan. The next step is up to the Committee Chairman, Rep. Donna Sweaney, who must hold a vote on the bill. If you live, work or travel in Vermont, please contact Chairman Sweaney and ask her to please bring up H.128 for a vote. Contact Chairman Sweaney at: or call: 802-674-5175

    Whether emailing or calling, all that is necessary is to tell her you support H.128 and that you'd appreciate it if she would hold a vote on the bill. Keep it short and to the point.

    Todd, Knife Rights Director of Legislative Affairs, reports that committee members asked the right questions and no one seemed opposed to the concept of preemption. Vermont currently preempts cities and towns from regulating firearms and traps, so adding knives to the existing preemption law just makes good sense.

    This is the EIGHTH pro-knife bill being run by Knife Rights this year and the SEVENTH Knife Law Preemption bill. Vermont already has pretty reasonable knife laws, but preemption prevents a patchwork of local ordinances more restrictive than state law which only serve to confuse or entrap law-abiding citizens traveling within or through the state.

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