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Billy Helton

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I have seen many makers giving away stuff on this site, wanted to put one of my knives up for give away to say thanks . I will use To pick the number, your post will be your number, limit one post please to give every body a even chance. It will end wednessday at 8 pm central time
This is one of my new every day carry knives. I will ship for free in CONT U.S
0-1 steel, double tempered, walnut handle texured, kydex case,stone wash finish.
Good Luck and god bless
Billy Helton


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I'm in.
Good looking unit Billy.
Can I sell it if I win? (JOKING) One more "Helton" can't hurt?
Fingers crossed. Dozier
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Oh heck yes!
I am in up to my ugly neck!!!
That is one gorgeous lil knife Billy;
my favorite EDC flavor (a big knife trapped in a lil' knife's body)
thanks for the generosity!
I'm in, Billy! Very kind of you and a great looking piece! What is the handle made of?