Knife Dogs at Pasadena Knife Show in Cali.

Kris Martinelli

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I apologize I haven't been around much . I have been so sick with reoccurring Bronchitis which complicates other issues I have...So please keep me in prayer. But I went down and met some mutual knifedogs.

Pasadena Knife Show
Was A Big Blast

The Pasadena Knife Show on March 6th was my first knife show. Steve Florkey, Ben Johnson and I represented the there. I did not buy a booth to sell knives, yet I called a friend and asked if it would be out of place for me to wear a few knives I had been working on around my waist and hang a knife around my neck? He stated, that's the place to do it!!!

I stayed the whole day with friends showing my knives and looking at other great knives and then in the last hour a dealer wanted to see my knives. He looked at each one carefully, stopped and then asked me how much for all my knives around my waist, I fell over!!! I later realized he was a great collector and film producer. I gave him a great deal on my knives, which surprised him. I made a good friend and then walked away with the biggest smile and a lot of phone numbers especially collectors and some new friends. There are some great knife makers out there and for a first show I was impressed at how friendly everyone is....But Cali's like me, are just a little different, LOL. I miss the forum and was glad to tell Cali makers about it.

I am buying a shirt and patch now so I can where it to the next show. Thanks for allowing someone like me, Steve and Ben to hang out here:shush: and thanks for your prayers.

Kris PS if you get bored and want to see my new knives I finished here is the link. I will post them in correct forum to sell. "The Wild Bunch" Stapel-Martinelli Collection
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Sorry I didn't get a chance to meet up with you, Kris. I was there with my fiancée Sunday for 3 1/2 hours and she didn't even complain about being bored. I tried calling, but couldn't get through. We probably walked past each other a few times too. You're right- knife show people are the friendliest bunch - unlike other kinds of shows I've been to. I talked with several different makers, a couple convinced me to consider joining SC Blades. I ended up buying about $250 worth of supplies which hurt the wallet a little, but I'm sure will get used up in time. Hope you feel better soon.
Thank Jeff...I love all my stuff man...Ben. I had to have run into you. I was the 6.3" Black Shirt with a Parker and Sons knife hanging from my neck and a hat and goofy knives around my waist. Ugly, real ugly. No teeth. did you see me? LOL. I must have gave you the wrong number..I am so sorry I missed you. I am glad you two had a nice time. I think next year we will have get a booth. Take Care Ben, Kris