Kmg classic 3 speed


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Has anyone retrofitted their kmg classic 3 speed to run in reverse as well as forward? I ordered the part not think it couldn't be done just wanted to see if anyone else has done it and if I'm about to mess up my motor on my grinder if I do.
What part did you order to make the KMG run in reverse? I guess you could do a twist on the belts to a figure 8 to make the grinder run in reverse but that sure seems like a lot of trouble. The normal way is to replace the 1 ph motor with a 3 ph using a VFD. This normally will require 220 vdc.
I put a reverse switch on mine (variable speed) and it doesn’t track very well at all in reverse. It would take some doing to get it to run straight and on center.
Same here Paul, I use reverse a good bit of the time, especially for sharpening. If the tracking is really dialed in it should run ok in reverse. My grinder isn't perfect, the belt will move perhaps 1/4" when moving from forward to reverse.