Kiri balisong on bearing


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A small balisong for a friend of mine. His website is Kiridashi and Tool. The only option i had to make a bali for him was a kiridashi balisong :D

Kiridashi 115w8 differential hardening, (810°c 5mn keep to the température, oil bath); tempering 2*30 mn to 200°c
The hardened 100c6 tang pin broqued the heel of the blade..... (put in force in a smaller hole than the diameter of the tang.) The steel grit was perfect, but i have to make some change to have something cleaner :D

10,6 cm long, 18.5 cm open, 4 cm sharp.
Has mine friend is not a bali fan, and is not fully a flipper, i moved a bit the two handle pivot hole in order to be able to find the safe handle at the first contact. (the smaller one closed become the longer one open to have a better grip in the hand.
That one is blood thirsty, he cut one of my finger without saying nothing.... Bad bad bad small balisong :D

Ball bearing on stainless steel handle, toxified (stone-ified) and burned with propan torch.



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I like it. It looks very well done. My son wants me to make him a balisong. I havent gotten started on it....out of fear I guess.