kiln ?


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i talked to a lady that has an evenheat k-10 model sitter for ceramics.30 amp, 240 volt, top loading i didn't find much info on the net. would this make a descent kiln for knives? maybe with some modifications.

McClellan Made Blades

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I have heard of some folks here saying not to use them, something to do with the heat rising, can't remember exactley why not to use them, exactley.
Have you checked on Sugar Creek Kilns? Boss Dog sells them, they are affordable as far as kilns go, and mine has performed very well, they use the same computer control as Even Heat, and the largest knife making kiln they make is close to 2 feet long! I love mine, (more now) since I got the computer control, I added it well after I bought my kiln, I was able to get the large kiln that way, the only problem in not getting the computer control is you have to sit with it while your blade is cooking, not like you have to sit right there with it, you just can't walk off, go in the house, watch TV for a little while, etc, of course you can't do that with the computer control either as you have to be ready, once you get to temp to do the quench, it is a PITA trying to keep the target temp right where you want it, it will fluctuate 10 to 20 degrees. As long as you stick primarily to high carbon, the 10XX series steel you'll be fine, if you plan on CPM's, ATS, etc, type of steels I would highly recomend the computer control, actually I think I would send mine off, as most of those require a sub-zero temper. And getting liquid Nitrogen is expensive, not the Nitrogen the Dewar you have to have befor any of the suppliers will sell it to you. I have heard of some selling to people in thermos, personally I'd say that is a bomb waititng to explode, or a vehicle getting ready to crack!
A whole more info than you asked for, hope this helps, Rex


Calvin Robinson

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Hey man! Buy that kiln, it will work, a good friend of mine has one and it works well. Bob Dozier uses this kind of kiln also. The only drawback I can see is how hot it would be while getting the knives out.

Jeff Conti

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I totally use my wife's pottery kiln (top loader) to draw my knives. I put furniture inside to get them elevated and ours has a fan that keeps the temperature extremely consistent throughout the kiln. The controller is excellent. As Calvin says, getting them out at 1850 deg F would be a real PITA!! If the price is right, I'd say go for it.