Ka Bar Becker Bk7, 10 and 22


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Hi All.

My boy is finishing highschool in a few weeks and is intent on joining the Army.(NZ) Rightly or wrongly, our Army does not issue a field knife so we are looking for a suitable solution. I'm particularly interested in how the three Bk's compare to each other, but feel free to mention other models or brands.


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Hi I'm new to the forum and saw your post.I own the becker bk7 and the bk22 I think your son would be pretty good with either the becker bk10 or the bk7 both are 3/16 of an inch thick which is good made of 1095 steel which is easily sharpened in the field but you have to keep them oiled to prevent rust and the sheath that they come with are just nylon .the esee 5 is a good option also that one comes with a kydex sheath system


I'm still new to this myself but if I was going to war I think I'd want one of James Helm's knives. He's on the forum as stormcrow and has some good pics of his knife testing. I was looking through his site and he's made a few for other soldiers as well. But there's other guys on here doing that, too. Hope you find what your looking for.