Just for fun - Seax


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I've been watching the Last Kingdom and always get intrigued when I see the edged weapons of the period. I thought the Seax was an interesting knife and decided to make one, mostly for fun but I also have a friend that loves the Viking/Norsemen era weapons. I used an old rasp for the blade (and yes I tested a piece before I did the work ;).
Pretty simple and straight up, impala bone for the handle, brass for the guard and the rasp blade. I haven't quite finished it yet - still some sanding around the guard and then on to sharpening and sheath making.
So along with the Seax photo, I'm attaching a few of the other knives I've made after watching some interesting history - dirks and signh dubhs.


Chris Railey

Those are great, love the Dirk, that is on my list for sure. I am currently working on a medieval short sword for a customer but the Dirk is coming.