Just bought a Tormek T-4 Bushcraft


Michael Minto

I just purchased a Tormek T-4 and am wondering if anyone else here uses one; if so, what are your impressions of the machine? One thing I've noticed is that when using the honing wheel, the main 'grinding' stone gets in the way, as it is much larger. I made a replacement/spacer for the stone out of a treated 2x4 (found that if you run the machine without the main stone locked in place, the leather wheel falls off and the shaft tries to worm it's way out of the housing, duh, haha) so when I use the leather honing wheel I may more effectively use that smaller wheel. Also, duplicating the angle on the blade freehand to the honing wheel is a little difficult, being smaller than the grinding stone won't let one just use the jig/rest simply by flipping it around. I know the machine is slow, but I'm hoping it helps me get a better edge on my blades. I have to say it is messy, with some water always escaping when using the grinding wheel, and bits of leather and compound always coming off the honing wheel. Thanks for any replies, Mike