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I carried my wife to her Pain Management doctor. Where a son and father had brought his very sick aged mother and wife perspectively! I was told she had been refused by three hospitals and all she was able to do nowadays was ly around and cry in pain. Then I was told that most of the folks coming to this place are low lifes without a job and only needing a fix.
Let me tell you I lowered the boom on him and his father and told them their mother and wife perspectively, deserved better than the two of them, as they had little compassion for those in pain, and it makes me wonder if you even understand your own family!!

You see my wife has TM and she is one of those that will never recovery from it because of the ignorance of Neurologist who had no idea what he was treating and went so far as to call my wife crazy, (the pain and symptoms she was having were all in her mind!! Although he was never that blunt. I finally told him I thought we might need a recommendation to UAB Birmingham. Which he did set up. We saw the head of Neurology at UAB and at time I had sent him a huge amount of files. He actually took the time to sit down and read through the majority of the info and test and records, MRI's and other info I had sent him. At the time I did not know anything about TM and had never heard of it. So I came home and read everything I could about it. I am no rouge scholar so what I did not understand I read again and again till I did understand it. We went back to our local Neurologist and since he had yet to receive the report from UAB, I told him what the doctor their had said, that my wife had TM. And his exact words were, "oh, I doubt that" I told him we were thur and we got up and walked out of the office!! Two years later we went back to UAB Birmingham and the same doctor re-confirmed his diagnosis! If it wasn't so far up there that is where I would take her for treatment! They have one of three clinics in the world dedicated to TM. That should tell you how rare and how hard this disease it too get treatment for!!

Today at the Pain Management, her PA says. Well I guess we should send you for another MRI. My wife is terrified at the idea of an MRI because she can not lay flat to begin with, and that small tight table is like a torture chamber for her. It puts her in such pain it will take weeks to recovery from! So then he goes into well they have a stand up one here in town.

No kidding but most of you will never be able to read the nerve damage off an MRI anyway, since you are telling me her other MRI doesn't show anything. No stupid it was not a car wreck the spine was not severed, there is not an exploded disc. The damage was done by a virus that is no longer there! So if you are not absolutely astute at reading an MRI don't suggest to me that she needs another because you can't see nothing!!

Oh my God read up on what you are treating if you do not know! I will be glad to provide you with links to John Hopkins and UAB Birmingham as well as too the TM Clinic at UAB. You see you can be dying in the state of Florida and if you need something for pain on a longer than short term. Well then you must see a PM doctor. A doctor is only concerned with how many injections they can give you in you back. A series of three will run you in the neighborhood of $45,000 dollars or at least that is what insurance will be billed, by doctor anesthesiologist and assistants and hospital costs for an out patient procedure!

So if you are just needing medication because the injection have never done you any good then you have become a liability to the practise and doctor! See all they charge there is an office visit. So then they begin to share the wealth as I term it! You get sent to have MRI's and tests and drug tests, and on and on.............! In the medical field that is known as sharing the wealth with other doctors and the associated hospitals!

This whole damn Opiate Crisis is about 75% contrived BS. I am also a long term pain patient. I have been told you must be a danger out on the road because you are high. No first of all I am not high I am taking the edge off that continues pain, kind of like someone has a knife in you and they continue to twist. I am much more dangerous out there on the road in pain, because that is all I can think about is the pain!

Now back the Opiate Crisis, this whole talk about an Opiate Crisis started about the same time as Obama Care. Do you know who the largest consumer of Opiates for pain is. Old people and people in chronic pain. If you can say there is a crisis and get the old people and the chronic pain patients, off of the roles. The government and the insurance companies will save a fortune. No doubt about it, there are deaths every day from Opiates. However most involve mixing other drugs and alcohol with them. It is tragic and it hurts and tears families apart. However I had one doctor tell me that the real people who would suffer from this witch hunt, is those who are in chronic pain! And he concluded with and the only way to stop it is for the people to rise up and say enough is enough!!

Did you know that all illegal drugs classed as Opiates also go into this so called staggering statistics!!! Read this statement and let it sink in for a minute!
Opioids are a class of drugs that include the illegal drug heroin, synthetic opioids such as fentanyl, and pain relievers available legally by prescription, such as oxycodone (OxyContin®), hydrocodone (Vicodin®), codeine, morphine, and many others. Those robberies where legal drugs are sold on the street later, they are all part of this!
Heroin is also an opioid, as is heroin and opium, and they are all illegal. However when it comes to the Opiate Crisis these deaths are lumped right into the statistics. Oh by the way Methadone, used to treat heroine addiction and used legally as a pain control. It is is in the Opiate class as well. Still think I am barking at the wrong, I don't think so!!

OK so this was not as short a rant as thought when I started but I know many out there through no fault of their own have had to resort to pain management rather than do the more permanent solution to living with a life of constant pain. So next time you think all folks getting pain medication are a bunch of dead beats with no job you might want to learn something about it. I got news for your most folks in chronic pain look just like you. You may not see loss of limb or permanent visible damage on the outside, but the pain on the inside is real. Those in chronic pain have the highest static for suicide. Look at your brother or sister on the street and treat them like they are family. You may never know they may have left some part of themselves in a foreign country, just so you had the right to stand and say what your uneducated opinion is!!



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I had to do a bit of research to learn what TM is,

"Transverse Myelitis (TM) is a disorder caused by inflammation of the spinal cord. It is characterized by symptoms and signs of neurologic dysfunction in motor and sensory tracts on both sides of the spinal cord..... TM is an unbiased condition, striking all age groups — from young children to the elderly — regardless of family history, gender or race"

It's one of those rare and very hard to treat problems - Cliff - my Prayer's to you and your wife in dealing with this terrible disease.


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Ken, you need to hang your shingle, you already know more than most doctors!!! upload_2018-1-16_21-23-17.jpeg

Thanks for the prayers. Seems like some days that is my only source of sustenance,......... prayer that is!!! It is hard to watch a loved one suffer and their is little that you can do to help it!!!

You know I have heard many on this forum mention that they suffer from nerve pain, or loss of a limb, or many of the the other things that old age brings and I can truly open a place in my heart for them as I have seen what constant pain can do to an individual!
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Constant pain is enough to drive a person crazy. It's indescribable to anyone who hasn't been through it or helped someone who is going through it. Prayers for healing and comfort for your wife, Cliff.

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Thanks John! It just drives me crazy that in this day and age we have doctors who are so uneducated about their own profession. They walk around with this, "I am God attitude". Ah, no your not, there is only one God and bud you ain't it!!

There is hope that in the future that stem cell therapy may be able to repair damages to the spine!! I remember when I first started hearing about stem cell stuff and I was pretty much dead against it! I thought they were messing with things that they had no business messing with! Nowadays they are able to harvest a persons own stem cells, instead of the other sources they were talking about in the beginning! It may eventually a big break thru. However it will never get perfected in time to help my wife and as for myself that boat sailed a long time ago!!! Once they cut and fussed my back years ago, ...........well fixing it won't ever be able to be done!!!

John, chronic pain patients have one of the highest suicide rates there is! I have heard my wife say at times my pain is just so bad, I don't feel like living,..........it scares me when I hear her say such things and I all remind her about the kids and Grandkids. Not that I truly feel she is sincere but, it gives you pause for thought! It is just extremely hard to be in pain every minute of the day!! And they are trying so hard to take away the pain medications that help and don't even get me started on the cost of medications now days. She has one Rx that helps more than anything with the nerve pain, that one alone cost me $420.00! Fix health care BS, they don't even have a clue. OK I am gonna stop here as this is morphing over into Politics and that is not allowed!!

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I hear you, Cliff. Don't get me started on MDs with a God complex. We could talk for hours. Nothing makes me madder than being talked to down to by an idiot who did nothing more than go look up my symptoms and charge me for the favor.

Pain meds are a two-edged sword. On the one hand there are armies of druggies who are professional drug seekers and whole phony pharmacy chains put in place to sell to them. These people have ruined it for those like your wife who truly need the treatment because now every single doctor treats everyone in pain like a drug seeker. Doctors are scared to death because they don't want to get shut down for over-prescribing controlled substances. Again, this is a problem of their own creation because for the last twenty years all MDs have done is act like drug dispensaries because they are too lazy to treat the disease when there is a drug that masks the symptoms.

The thing about being in constant pain is that almost anything else seems like a good alternative at the time. I'm not making excuses for people who are addicted to pain meds but I can tell you that when you are in constant pain, the risk of being addicted to the meds doesn't seem nearly as bad as being in constant pain. It is absolutely understandable that people in chronic pain have such a high suicide rate. Constant pain beats you down and breaks your spirit. You begin to feel like Job as though God is testing your faith. And maybe there is a little something to that. But it is a cruel thing for anyone to have to endure.

The other problem is that insurance companies won't pay for a lot of really good non-drug treatments like spinal decompression. I don't think that would help your wife since her pain is nervous system related. But treatments like that are a God-send to those with damaged spines.

Ty Adams

Sorry to hear about your troubles. You should move to Montana. I've had 2 ACL reconstructions and both times the doctor sent me home with enough Percocet for an entire football team. 75% of it went in the trash. Then there's the flip side of doctors that send you home telling you that you'll be fine when a rebar ring roller has all but severed you index finger, and torn ligaments, tendons, and you have nerve damage in your hand.

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Ty, pain killers are not always the best things but, as John spoke of the insurance companies do not want to pay for alternative forms of pain control. I tried a few years ago to see if mine would pay for acupuncture. Something that has been proven in Asian medicine to work for many many years. They told me that they would not pay for it, as it was not a proven form of pain control!!

So what I am about to say is gonna open a whole new can of worms but,.............. here goes!

I am of the generation that was always told Medical Marijuana or Marijuana in general was the root of all evil. Here in Fl. we put it on the ballot and approved the use of Medical Marijuana. However the way the system is presently set up most will never be able to get or even try it too see if it would help, chronic pain!!!
I have spoken to several doctors recently about it, just to see what their thoughts were on it. I have been told by several that it has been proven in states that have it that it is effective at control of chronic pain as well as many other medical issues. You can't become addicted to it and that if they could they would be prescribing it now! This is from several doctors I have spoken to about it!!

My wife has to take pain meds and they make her nauseated so she always have to take OTC nausea medicine to keep from getting sick everytime she take her pain meds. Medical Marijuana has been shown that cancer patients use it for the nausea caused by Chemotherapy and to help with the pain. And don't even think about the insurance companies paying for it. Then now the Feds are trying to stop the individual states from being able to pass the laws for the individuals of that state being able to have such laws.

Sorry we lost the battle on this one a long time ago. Legalize it, tax it and let the insurance companies pay for it. Let sick people have the right to help themselves. Oh but wait,.................then the drug companies can not make a fortune off it. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm suppose they might be once again greasing the palms of those greedy @^&* we sent to Washington to look out for us!!!!

I still remember the movies they use to show when I was in school about someone smoking Marijuana, and they turn from Dr. Jekyll to Mr Hyde, come on folks I as now 60 yrs. old and I can think for myself!!! Don't believe in the Dr. Jekyll to Mr Hyde mentality anymore!!


Sorry to hear about your troubles. You should move to Montana. I've had 2 ACL reconstructions and both times the doctor sent me home with enough Percocet for an entire football team. 75% of it went in the trash. Then there's the flip side of doctors that send you home telling you that you'll be fine when a rebar ring roller has all but severed you index finger, and torn ligaments, tendons, and you have nerve damage in your hand.
I think that has changed...Had a cracked tooth that was infected(5 weeks ago)
...they couldn't pull it...so here some codeine and antibiotics...come back in 7 days...we'll pull it. Fill the med order...take every three hours for pain...so at least 3 a day...look in the bottle...12 pills...don't want Ted to become a addict on the 20 plus that should have been there...yep...I let them know how i felt the last three days....and got the opiate speech...and all the abuses by Montuckians...etc. I told them..I have a broke tooth not a chronic back ache...once you fix it we're done...no need for three days of agony so you can feel good about your protocol....sheesh. Tired of medical idiots....

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You know it really amazes me how some of these Doctors have a license to practice.I had problems with a Doctor as well as my wife same guy.I wish you are your wife the best prayers sent.