Jesse Osufsen Drop Point Hunter

Here are some pictures I took while making my most recent custom knife.

Blade is 3.5" long, 3/16" thick, 154CM. Guard and pins are 416 stainless steel. Sheath is made from harness leather.



Blade steel flattened on surface grinder, profiled on belt grinder, and slots cut on Bridgeport milling machine.

Blade rough ground and guard fitted and pinned.

Guard soldered.

Guard cleaned up after soldering.

Birch bark stack epoxied and clamped.

Birch bark stack dried and cut square.

Birch bark stack sawn in half.

Handle liners and birch bark handle scale epoxied and clamped.

Birch bark handle scales epoxied to blade.

Handles pinned and roughed to shape.

Polished pin heads using a drill press.

Knife polishing and shaping 95% complete.

Making the sheath pattern using beer carton cardboard (Steel Reserve works best. It's science.)

Reversed "C" letter stamp carved from maple.

"C" stamped into sheath.

Sheath sewn and almost done.

Metal masked in preparation for oiling the handle.

Knife held in vise while oil dries.

Finished sheath.

Finished knife.

Finished knife in sheath.


John Wilson

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great job on the WIP. really like the birch bark scales. I've never seen that done before. All the birch bark handles I've seen were stick tangs.
Brandant, John, Joe, Steven, Justin: Thank you very much for the kind words!

I wasn't too sure the handle scales would work -- I thought they might end up too "bendy", but that turned out to not be the case. I really like the feel of a raw birch bark handle. Really light, warm, and grippy -- perfect for a cold weather knife.

The last two pictures were taken by wife. She's kind of taken over photography of the finished knives for me.


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