Japanese Style Straight Razor

My son turned 25 a while back and I made a Japanese style razor for him. It's made out of O1, has what I call a 'faux kamisori' grind. The finish is BC Super Blue.

The Japanese writing is supposedly 'Happy Birthday', at least that's what was on the online birthday card I found.




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I agree with you bubba , I ve been out of the picture for a while. Its nice to see the japanese style its my favorite razor I use, mine are all over 100 years old with a few in the near 200 year old razors. They actually shave very nice but I have a problem im left handed so alot more dangerous compared to my wide choppers.


Curious about what you call a "faux kamisori" grind? Is it flat ground on the Ura side rather than hollow? I'm making my first kamisori now, just kinda saw some pics and jumped in to make one. Still need to find someone to give me some specific pointers for making these, especially stock removal and mono steel construction.

I call it 'Faux' because it's really a standard western quarter hollow grind, just with some Japanese styling influences. IE, the grind is lower on the 'back' side, giving it the omote/ura look.