It's Amazing How Easy Sharpening Is...


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Once you stop caring how the bevel looks and being so particular about angles. Just sharpened 2 of my favorite kitchen knives from not even scraping hair to treetopping sharpness in about 5 minutes, using just a King 4000 grit water stone. It's as easy as scrubbing the bevels to get them to meet eyeballing the angle, removing any burr that might have formed with a couple of high angle passes, even though I'm not trying to form one, then backhoning the edge to give it the final finish at the original angle. I've had a love/hate relationship with this stone for a while, but it works great using this method. The wider bevels have a hazy yet shiny appearance that I find quite appealing, just shy of mirror polished.

I ued to use an angle guide for all my sharpening, and still do for some of it. Accuracy of angle and a sharp edge were the goals. Now my goal is a sharp knife in the minimum amount of time, which required changing from the blocks to freehand sharpening. The reproducability of the angles was great, but now close enough works fine, and I save all the time from manipulating the blocks. Next week I'll be back to the old control freak, but for now, the weekly sharpening of the 3 main kitchen knives is about 15 minutes of work.