Important new inovation


"Missed it by this much..." or was it "that much"?

That spoof used more big words than I think I've ever heard...


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That show was great, - we don't say "warped blade" at Kaos !
that machine above could have been invented in the "controls weapon lab" right with the "cone of silence", I can't hear you chief ! Ha ha. and don't forget the shoe phone, THAT lab tech started Verizon.


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I can sit here and smile with ya'll about Maxwell Smart also, but that video is funny - using so many "big" words {g}

Sean Jones

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I think there's a Tri-State buffer in there somewhere...probably next to the diethel-fibrillation unit.

Daniel Macina

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So what are you saying is the Doohickey goes to the other Doohickey which attaches to the thingy that attaches to that other thing a ma bob then out comes the perfect cup of coffee!