I'm SURE someone has needed this before...


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How the heck do you remove scales once they have been epoxied on?

I got a bit heavy handed on one of the scales and need to replace them both so they match, preferably WITHOUT grinding off.



Justin King

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I have not encountered this yet myself but I would try some boiling water/icewater cycles. If it dosen't come apart after a fair amount of this then you used good epoxy and I am out of bad ideas. Next?


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Did you use pins or corby's or what along with the epoxy? Usually the epoxy is stuck to them more that the blade it's self. Freeze them in the coldest freezer that you have access too and them as soon as you take them out rap them with a mallet and they should pop off or you can heat them in the oven and they should come off. Extreme cold and extreme heat are epoxies worst enemies.



grind off the rivet heads and stick it in the oven at about 200 degrees, epoxy should loosen up and you should be able to pry it off with a screwdriver or pry bar type tool.

Rusty McDonald

Oh another way to do it is with hot cooking oil, it will melt the epoxy and release it's hold on the knife. It will release quicker because of the heat transfer from the oil and wont ruin the temper either.

Justin King

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Tape an m-80 to each scale, light the fuses and run!!! Just kidding! I have no reason to think this would work and many reasons to think it is a bad idea, so please don't try it (youtube video would be great if you do, though). The 12 year old in me could be contained no longer...


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Thanks for the rplies folks!

Looks like I'll be making lacewood soup with a side of Devcon later this evening! :lol:

I'll let everyone know how it goes...

Justin, that is REALLY tempting! :what!:



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Charlie, all I could come up with is a sledge hammer,
with protective gear of course.
Let us know, I'm sure it will happen to me. I'd probably just grind down till they matched, or I hit metal.

Pinoy Knife

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Did you say Devcon ?
if that is what you used for epoxy remove the rivet's/corby's
and take a thin blade like a putty knife to seperate the handle from the steel..
Devcon does not hold very well ive taken off several handles that were put on with that stuff specially the 5 min ,most come off very easy break the surface bond and there ya be ..
very seldom do you need to but a "Temper"cycle in a toaster over will break the bond most epoxy fail's at about 300 degrees a little clean up afterwards and your good .


Howlin' Wolf
Removing original handles is part of my job.

First, I tape the hell outta the blade. :3:

I stick the knife in a vise, and apply a heat gun, evenly, to both side of the handle.

A razor cutter gets in there pretty good, then a putty knife.
This for knives with pins.
Corby's hafta be drilled out first.:biggrin: