I'm seriously considering giving up knife making

Self Made Knives

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I stop and start all the time. I've went for 6 months without making a knife and then made 10 at once. Like most of you guys, I'm beyond busy, keep way to many irons in the fire! Just step away for a little while, get caught up on other things, your skills don't perish that fast. Oh, and most important for me, do not keep an order list full of waiting people! That ruined it for me until I tossed that list in the can. Sure, ticked off some guys, but that list was wearing me out.

Daniel Macina

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Don’t quit buddy! I look forward to every post you make. You have way too much talent to give up now. I do get your point though it gets to be exhausting at times. Maybe take a breather and come back to it

Bill Vining

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I took a very long hiatus from making knives. Started back up a few months ago. Talk about knives fighting back, I also have a scrap pile that would be the envy of any metal recycler. Ti, stainless, damascus and so on. For me, it's very painful to make something 2 or 3 times before I get it right. Each mistake is a learning experience. I improve with every knife I make. Taking a break may be a good thing to do. You may find that it's exactly what you need to do. After a while, you may miss the aggravation and get right back into it with a totally different attitude.