I'm into recycling...


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Hi all,
I'm pretty new here and can't compare my work to the veteran knifemakers in this group, but I'm having fun. I'm not a metal worker or into forging, mostly a woodworker. Thought I'd share a few items with you. A couple of recycle projects and a kit or two I finished or am working on. I like to scour the local thrift stores, yard sales and goodwill clearance center for usable blades and handle materials. Much cheaper to screw up on that stuff while I figure out what I'm doing... maybe I'll graduate to buying better blades someday.

This is an old Rapala filet knife blade that needed a new handle. Paid $1 for a deer antler candle holder at a thrift store and the corian spacer is a counter sample piece from Home Depot. Wood is walnut.

This is a Sarge letter opener "kit" from Rockler I made for my wife for mothers day. Scales are Bocote.

Been finding a few Chicago Cutlery knives at yard sales lately for about a dollar apiece. Put a new Purpleheart handle on this one.

Found a little Maple(?) burl birdhouse at the Goodwill store for $2 and thought I might get some nice handle scales out of it.
69332 It's part of my current WIP... 69333

Here's just some other kit knives I've done since starting this hobby last Fall in an effort to give some unique Xmas gifts to family members...
69334 69336 69338


Thanks for viewing! (working on my photography techniques too!)
Finally got the scales on and sanded/oiled. Lots of issues with alignment on my laminated spacers, and really screwed up the guard after this pic was taken. Good learning experience with materials I hadn't worked with much before: Metal and fiber spacers, mosaic pins, synthetic turquoise, burled mystery wood, and angled joint... all kinda new to me. And I need more patience and attention to details. Learnin' !
10 Maple and marble.jpg