I'm Back...With A New Hip


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I'm not one to be too public with my personal life, so I haven't said anything about the health issues I've had for the past 6 months or so. Around March (2021) I began having pains in my legs and back, so much that I couldn't stand in my shop or walk around our house. After much doctoring, PT & tests we determined my hip was the culprit. In early June I had my second Cortisone injection in the hip. It didn't help and I was ready for hip replacement. At that point the hip had degenerated to bone-on-bone grinding, with a pretty high pain level.
Only through the use of crutches for the past 3 months to unload the hip was I able to minimize the pain and stay off opioids. I now have a greater (first hand) appreciation for people with disabilities and risks of additive drugs.
Last week I finally had surgery to implant a (mostly) Titanium hip - an amazing procedure. 3 hours after surgery I was walking around and was discharged the next day. My day-to-day progress continues rapidly and I'm anxious to get back in the shop.
No doubt most of you aren't all that interested in my hip, so I've intentionally skipped over a bunch of details.
For those who want more details, ask me anything via this posting or PM me. I've learned a lot and willing to share anything with you in hope that others may benefit from some of the issues I've faced. It was a rather bleak time of pain and uncertainty, contributing to just not wanting to even discuss knife making or anything shop related.
But, I'm back and chomping at the bit to start making sharp pointy things again, and kibitzing with you cast of characters. ;)


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Glad to hear your hip replacement went good and recovering nicely. Sounds like it went LOTS better than my 45 yr old daughter's knee replacement of last May. It just wouldn't quit hurting, and doc decided he'd better open the knee up and look to see what he can find. Got it opened up, found screws loose and had to do a complete new knee replacement. After 3 wks this one has a "sometimes" catch when moving. PT folks saw it happen and not sure what the deal is. Daughter says she's getting tired of this knee pain!

Again, glad to hear your hip is going good.


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Congratulations on successful surgery and getting back on your feet so soon. Hope you're back in the shop in no time at all. This new-fangled methodology is such a huge improvement over the "old school" hips I had installed 25 years ago, I can't get over it. I wasn't allowed to touch my foot to the ground for a month. Long recovery back then. A few years later my sister had hers done and with the new tech and was walking in a week. Great progress.

Glad you are doing well, sir. Hope the pain is diminishing rapidly.
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Now, I'll bet you wonder why you waited so long.
Your recovery sounds like mine from the "direct anterior" surgery. I didn't even have to go to PT. Just did the exercises alone at home.


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Wanna play some racquet ball?
Bruce, Standby, I'll get my elbows sharpened up and lets get it on!
Your recovery sounds like mine from the "direct anterior" surgery. I didn't even have to go to PT. Just did the exercises alone at home.
Wayne, you are right, the Anterior (frontal) type surgery is a game changer for most folks. As opposed to the Posterior (rear) approach, there are no muscles cut to gain entry to the hip bone.

If any of you are thinking of getting Cortisone (steroid) injections in your hip or knee to relieve pain - very common method to reduce pain - Be Aware - Most (all?) surgeons will not operate on a these joints for at least 3 months after the last injection (some require as much as a year). Apparently there is a potential 40% increase in infection rates with joint surgery directly after a Cortisone injection. And that's why I had to wait 3 months (on crutches) for the surgery - the pain doctor giving the injections failed to tell me that!:mad:


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I had a partial knee replacement. At first it was all great. 3 months in I thought I'd made a mistake. Long story short 8 months in and all is well.

FD Kingery

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Congratulations on the new hip. I’m glad it went well and you are getting some relief from the pain. Here’s hoping your back in the shop soon.