Ideas and suggestions for competition cutters?

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A few months ago, a knife club or guild was started up again here in Arkansas. We're still getting it up to speed and one of the guys has proposed a cutting competition. I've never actually tried it before, but watched a lot of Blade Sports on Youtube. From googling around you can tell the CPM M4 is considered a top performer for the steel. Seems like most guys have very little belly on the blade, nearly a straight edge for most. So, if you have made these blades before, a couple questions....

Edge geometry. I would think a convex edge would be best for the 2x4 chop. However, I've made a full flat grind prototype that tears up water bottles (see video). Would you make the whole edge convex? Or maybe keep the chopper portion convex and the tip transition to flat grind? Which cuts rope best? I've never tried a rope cut.

Blade thickness... I've seen a few that are thinner at the ricasso and swell in thickness towards the tip. That seems great for chopping 2x4's, but does it hurt you on paper cuts or water bottles? Or would a 1/4" thick blade the whole way do just fine?