ICCE show...


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Hey Steve,

I thought the show was good! As with any new venue there are going to be some bugs to work out. I brought 11 knives and sold 4 at the show. I sold another right after the show to a person who bought at the show. I don't really know how others did at the show. I'm sure there will be varying opinions, but I thought the crowds were pretty good and there seemed to be a good level of excitement about the show. Personally, I like the Ft. Worth for the show location and I think Jerry Moen and his team did a fantastic job in a short period of time.

The tables were set differently for this show. They were set in pods/quads similar to how the USN shows are set up. Again, I liked the set up, although there were some people who found it confusing. The only major negative I heard of from both makers and customers was the lighting. For much of the room it was a little too dark for looking at the knives. The awards location for the best of show, for the ABS and Guild, was held at the Cattlemen's Restaurant. It was a nice idea and the restaurant staff went out of their way to take care of everyone, however the room to view and vote on the knives was too small for the number of people present. Again, small things that any first year venue have to work out for future shows.

As I said, I like the location and I hope it remains in Texas - although the drive about killed me :).


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Thanks for the info Frank, I thought I'd hear more about it, maybe in some more time.
I know lighting can be an issue at anyplace new if knives were never shown in the room, been there done that.
it happened to me once and the next year I brought my own lights. hopefully they'll get that problem resolved.
I may do that show next year, I'd like to hear from more people though.