I just realized who you were

C Craft

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Years ago I was doing construction and we had a guy on the gang who has a beard. I had been working with this crew for right at a year!

So one Monday morning I walk up on the slab of a new house and here is this fellow and he says, Good morning. I told him Good Morning as well and walked on across the slab and started talking to a couple of guys on the slab. I was thinking the guy who had spoke to me was a newbie, you know fresh meat!!!

Anyway I am standing on the other end of the slab and I hear this guy who had told me Good Morning, talking and laughing and I caught the voice and I realized I had known this guy a year and did not realize who he was without the beard, until I heard the laugh!

Well I have been seeing this new guy on the forum. And,............until today I never figured it out who he was!!!

I did not know that I knew this new guy till today, I caught something I had been looking at and not seeing!!


The real funny part about it, I had just read a thread where he advised someone about a cowboy style sheath and the knife with it I had seen before. The guy is talking about he didn't make one or another of the knife or the sheath. So had to go take the dog out and while the dog is doing her business.

The little part of my brain that works on things, without being the fore front thought suddenly lite up. Look I know Smallshop built that knife,......... his first name is Ted and,........................................ then all the bells and whistles went off. Oh my God I know who this new guy name Ted Hauser is!! I wondered where you had been Ted. I remembered you had some health issues and,............................. I thought about it the other day I was gonna look you up and see if you were doing OK!

So hey Smallshop, Ted, Ted Hauser, how the heck are you!!! Wo ho!!!

C Craft

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Yep, he was talking about the knife but, I only half read the post cause, I knew it was Smallshop's knife and that is what got me to thinking about all of this and that is when it donned on me that Ted Hauser was Smallshop! Duuuuh! He changed the name and avatar and for some reason I did not realize the Ted Hauser guy and Smallshop, were one in the same!!! LOL
LOL Cliff!! Thanks for retake! I changed my avatar to identify with my Hauser Knife logo...

I'm doing good...Still fighting diabetic neuropathy in feet and hands...finally went to a naturopath (an MD that also does nontraditional medicine) He's got me off coffee...eating vegan (sniff, sniff,...still miss steak...lol) But I am indeed feeling better. My hands are good for handle making...but sheath making seems to really put a hurt on them.

How are you though...I know your feet have been giving you fits too...?

C Craft

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Ted, I am doing. Some days better than others! They are gonna due a procedure on my right leg in June.

They will go in the main vein carrying blood back up to the heart, below the knee. The veins are good till they get below the knee on both sides!
The procedure uses a patented radiofrequency catheter inserted into the vein, which applies RF energy to heat the vein. The vein then closes and is no longer useable. If everything works right they will do the procedure all the way back to where they enter that vein. Once closed the other veins will take over, (they should have good valves) and I should be able to have better circulation, less swelling and less pain!

They can't do my left leg as the vein that is doing the resupply is smaller than the catheter they use to do the procedure right now!! So got to lose some more weight and try to exercise more. I have been walking but we are about to get into the really hot part of the year for us. Not so much the heat but a combination of heat and oppressive humidity!!

So maybe this will help some of the neuropathy I have been having. There is no way to tell for sure how much of the neuropathy is being caused by circulation and how much is attribute the back fusion I had back in 97!!

So all is good as can be expected! Don't do any good to complain as no one wants to hear it!!! LOL :)