I have a unique problem!

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I have a unique problem! I have noticed lately that when I am making a post, and I hit the space bar, everything/all text disappears! I will admit I may not be great at typing. So some times I have to backspace to re-type something and it seems when I hit the space bar, or could be the shift key to start a capital letter on a new sentence. Everything I had just spent 5 minutes typing disappears with one key stroke.

I have tried to consciously make it happen and have yet to do that. It always happens when I am cruising along typing! (cruising a along typing for me may the wrong description!

Not sure this unique to the forum or its something that is going on with my PC. I just know if you have typed something lengthy and wham, it gone, that is very aggravating!! :mad:

I am new to windows 10 and the way it actually works is giving me a fit to learn things all over again!! Anyone got an idea on what it happening??
I've not responded to your post waiting for others to respond since I know nothing about Windoz 10. I moved to Linux a yr ago and...... and.... I still have computer problems!!! Oh well - Always something new to learn.

Good luck and be sure to tell us if you find the problem.
Ken, so far I have not figured it out yet. I know it is aggravating as can be to get something almost typed and BOOM its all gone.

Then it is like I really didn't want to answer that question anyway, I guess!!
Well Cliff, not sure what the deal is - sounds interesting. Not being able to reproduce it makes it harder. Seems to be random. A work around might be to do a "Ctrl-a", "Ctrl-c" from time to time so you put what you've typed into clipboard. If it loses, then just do a "Ctrl-V" to paste the clipboard back into typing window. Won't save everything, but won't lose everything either.

Ken H>
Thanks Ken, a PC wiz I am not! The closest thing I have been able to figure is it happened, as/or about the time my pinky on my right hand would have/ should have been on the shift key to capitalize a word. Problem is I am not sure I was on the shift key, sometimes my fingers have a way of going somewhere else. And I don't have a clue what the left hand was doing at the time.
I don't type well but every once in a while I get on a roll and the words are flowing from the brain to the fingers, so not really thinking about what I am doing and WHAM BAM and in one keystroke it has disappeared into oblivion!! o_O

Ken I will tell you how bad I was in typing I barely scraped by in Typing 1 in school. A week before school was out my typing teacher walks by and asks me, "are you planning on taking typing two"????? Well I was thinking about it...……………… silence! He looks at me and says DON'T I will fail you the first week. So OK I get it, typing two is out and Art is in!!:p Went on to learn about Van Gough and why he supposedly wacked his ear off. Funny part about that I remember stuff from that class. Comes in handy watching Antique Roadhouse. Hey that is a Lautrec, ..……… dang that is worth some money! :p
Most posts should auto save if I’m not mistaken. If you find an entire post disappear again, try hitting the keys “ctrl+z” which is the “undo” function. It may bring the text back.
Thanks Andrew, I am not sure but, I don't think the autosave is working at this time! I suspect it might not be.

Windows 10 is a lesson in greed in my mind. Simple programs that IMO should be part of any working system are not there. Now you can go to the Windows store and buy them and, that is where the greed comes in!!! I am still figuring it out but it is definitely different from any of the old windows programs!

It is designed to work with your smart devices. Only problem there is I don't own any smart devices! :)
Are you using a laptop? I've seen this happen frequently with laptops. You think you are avoiding the touch pad but then you lightly touch it and things get weird.

Touch pads are evil like that
Actually No, my other that got lighting struck was a laptop. Now let me explain how a laptop got struck by lighting! I don't see as well as I use to and the small screen was not a good option, ( I was using a laptop with a screen about 8" x 5 1/2").

So got my son in law the PC whiz kid to tie it to a full size monitor and a regular keyboard! As well since at the time I did not have wifi, it was hard cabled to my internet provider. Lighting struck the incoming cable lines.

I happened to be on the PC. at that moment, my monitor lit up with a white light and then went black and the laptop had smoke coming out of and the power light had gone off.

I know this cause in my haste to get away from the keyboard, I personally saw this, at least I think I did. In less than 1/2 second, this old fat man with a bad back had shoved the keyboard away and was standing at the door to the room, before I even looked back!!! My brain was saying, "feet don't fail me now" and the other side was laughing and saying, "hey your OK you can stop running now"!!

The problem has something to do with the way the windows 10 program works. I think something has gotten changed and the way this program works I can't seem to find a way to change it back! And...……..the fact I am not a PC whiz kid doesn't help!!
You might try a different browser. Though it is possible Windows is being weird. Windows 10 does have some odd-ball characteristics. Also, as was mentioned earlier, a ctrl-z might bring your text back.
I just did a test where I typed out a post, hit ctrl+a to select all, and then deleted the entire post...

Ctrl+z did in fact bring it back.

In fact, you can type a post, delete it, and type something else, and STILL hit ctrl+z a couple of times to bring it back.

I am on Windows 10, and I'm using Chrome, Not sure if browser matters or not.
Just tested it in Microsoft Edge, and it works that way too. If you hit ctrl+z too many times, just hit ctrl+y to "redo" and go back the other way.
Well it just happened again. This first part was typed and I was finishing the second part and hit preview and when I looked back at the screen the entire first paragraph was gone from the post!!

I am using Microsoft edge at present to answer that question of what browser I am using!!

Do you know where to go to check to see if auto save is on, say like when typing a post on the forum. I used use window 7 and chrome as a browser and every so often you would see it flash, that the text to that point has been auto saved. I don't see that with W10 and I am wondering if that is how W10 works, or it has auto save been turned off!

I also just discovered something by accident. In the toolbox at top of forum reply page the there is a left handed arrow, about the fourth item on the right side. That is undo (Ctrl+Z). The right handed arrow is (redo)!!
If I'm not mistaken, the autosave is a built in feature of the forum software, and there shouldn't be anyway to turn it off. I did just notice the undo/redo arrows though... Those didn't bring your text back?

I know some forum software has a little prompt that says "autosaved" or "autosaving" or something to that effect. I don't see it on this one, but there is the undo/redo functions, so it is retaining at least some of the data.
Those did not bring back my text! And instead of doing ctrl+Z on the keyboard to see if that would bring it back, I got aggravated and re-typed part of it!!

I discovered the arrows while looking to see if there was a way to turn off/on auto save. I am still learning but the icon of what I would say reminds me of a floppy disk W/arrow, (second icon from the right) it lights up with a green light at the bottom of it every once in a while! I am wondering is that auto save. The light does not seem consistent about when it comes on, so got to pay more attention to it!!
This is a test of the "draft function" which is the little floppy disk icon you're referring to. Yep, it turns up green from time to time, which, like you Cliff, I suspect it's doing an auto save. Now to figure how to retrieve that draft. It's got the "save draft" and "delete draft" selections, but didn't see anywhere it says "restore draft". I just clicked "save draft" and the green light came on.

I delete everything, then a "ctrl-Z" restores it all. I'd think saving the draft would allow me to come back a couple days later in this same thread, select "restore draft" after saving it?
OK, after posting the above, I just did a "ctrl-z" and it all appeared again. I did a "save draft", then typed another line, then deleted that line before posting. In this reply to thread window, it all came back with ctrl-z. Both what I'd "save draft" on, and the deleted line that I did NOT include in the save draft.

Good thread Cliff.
Ken, it would be a good thread if I could explain why the text is disappearing!! So far I absolutely have not been able to duplicate the circumstances of the text disappearance! I spent the better part of 30 minutes writing up a repose on a thread and just before I brought the train into the station,..... it disappeared from the track. So far when it does it, ctrl+z has not been able to return it and neither has the undo and redo feature at the top of the post brought it back.
I am about to chalk it up to Gremlins!!! :) You know like the one that plays defense at the trash can!!! :eek::p