I Have a 40+ lbs Box of G-11 to Give Away, interested?

Hi Jim
hello there

Great to see you here, I can't turn down such a nice offer.

COUNT ME IN 2thumbs

Count me in. Thanks.

As for your favorite Im going to guess
#13 - W. T. Fuller - “One Hander” - Mother of Pearl Handle, Two Bladed Front Lock
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Count me in as well please, sir.

As for the guess at your favorite....... I would guess #5 - Harvey McBurnette - Single Blade Front Lock. It was the one that really caught my eye the most.
I'm in...I guess the cow horn dagger by your uncle..
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I am in

thanks for the opportunity

next guess for the three customs,
1. #4 - Al Mar - Single Blade Front Lock
2. Jerry Halfrich BP from Sheila
3. Mike Alsdorf interframe Jack

updated dec.9th
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