I got caught off guard and ill prepared.

Discussion in 'Knife Maker Shop Talk' started by wall e, Mar 14, 2017.

  1. wall e

    wall e Well-Known Member

    Was talking with a gentleman the other day about hobbies and told him I started making knives as a hobby and was asked if I had one of mine on me.
    Duhhhh, No I don't.
    No I don't, WHAT THE HECK? How as a maker can you not carry a knife of your own making on you?
    That is the biggest way to display your skills in this craft.
    Any of you fellow hobbyists have this issue at one point or another?

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  2. Ty Adams

    Ty Adams KNIFE MAKER

    Yep... That's why I made this little guy. I have been carrying it everyday since November.


    My dad made a pocket sheath for it and it's more comfortable then my wallet.

  3. KenH

    KenH Well-Known Member

    Yep, that same thing has happened with me a couple of times - I can usually show a few photos on my phone, but still nothing like being able to actually show an example.

  4. C Craft

    C Craft Well-Known Member

    Great job. I like the knife and the pocket sheath. Don't get so comfortable with it you forget its there! I was in line to go in the court house here a while back, when I suddenly remembered my pocket knife. Had to get out of line and go back out to my truck. Guard asked me when I came back about getting out of line! Yep, you ain't getting my pocket knife and we both laughed!!!
  5. EdCaffreyMS

    EdCaffreyMS Forum Owner - Moderator

    For me it was a constant problem....for a long time! :) Goofy me would show the knife I was carrying, and the person would offer me some stupid amount of money, and buy off me, which left me without a a knife to carry.

    For some reason people always believe that a knifemaker carries "the best" knife he ever made..... I'm just the opposite, when I make a mistake that I can't fix or hide, I usually end up carrying that knife. Most of the time it's not something that's readily visible..... So what I started doing was making the mistake more obvious in the knife I carry..... that way when someone wants to buy it, I have the excuse of showing them the mistake, and telling them it's not something I would sell.:biggrin: Just my way of always having a knife with me! It works MOST of the time.... I had an instance one year at the Blade show when I was lucky enough to have sold out, and had a guy ask to see the framelock flipper I was carrying....like a dummiy I showed it to him, and he put it in his pocket, then proceeded to dole out a wad of cash... in an amount that I couldn't refuse.....but there it was again...me without a knife.
  6. golfer

    golfer Active Member

    Maybe we need to open a whine and cheese section for you guys and your success stories. There must be a morel to these stories somewhere, hmmmm let me think.
  7. Ty Adams

    Ty Adams KNIFE MAKER

    ????? Am I missing something?
  8. Ty Adams

    Ty Adams KNIFE MAKER

    Ed here I thought I was special. I won't sell that knife, but several people have tried to buy it!
  9. EdCaffreyMS

    EdCaffreyMS Forum Owner - Moderator

    I was wondering the same thing..... that sounds like something you'd read on one of the "other" forums.
  10. bladegrinder

    bladegrinder Well-Known Member

    Yea, I didn't really get that....it was a good read, then that comment came along and kind of put the brakes on.

    Anyhoo.........I always carry one of my fixed blades here in knife friendly Florida, I work for a city owned natural gas utility and never had anyone say a word other than...nice, can I see it. just yesterday I was in city hall with council people and police, no one blinked an eye.
    anyhow, I carry and absolutely brutalize my blade at work, usually, after a few years I grind off my mark and give it to a coworker to put on their truck for pipe scraping or what have you. by the time I'm thru with it, it doesn't represent my work anymore Ha Ha. in a few more years I'll carry a nice one and try to keep it presentable.
  11. BrandantR

    BrandantR Well-Known Member

    I have a little folder that I always have in my pocket that I call my business card. I was at church the other day and had someone came up to me with his tablet open to my website. He started talking me up to everyone around, showing everyone the gallery section of my site and asked if I had one of my knives on me. It had to be that one time that I didn't have my business card with me. . . I did show it to him a couple days later and he's on the hook for a custom build soon. Anyway, now I even carry my business card to church.
  12. wall e

    wall e Well-Known Member

    Ok, so I need to be selfish and keep one or make one thatI like and try not to sell it on the spot when offered.

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  13. stefand

    stefand Well-Known Member

    Never thought of this, but it sounds like a great way to sell my knives:biggrin:
    I carry a good friend's "mistake" liner lock, so whenever someone asks to have a look at it, I just reply: "It's not one of mine" then they seem to loose interest.
  14. ARCustomKnives

    ARCustomKnives Well-Known Member

    I have a couple of small fixed blades that I used to carry on and off for a while, but it seems like people only asked me about my knives when I wasn't carrying them, so I stopped. :D
    After reading through this thread, I may have to dig one of them back out though...
  15. wall e

    wall e Well-Known Member

    I am gonna try to get my own advertiser going this week.

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