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...can a double bladed (clip point & wharncliffe for example) knife be made with the clip point blade a flipper/framelock and the wharncliffe blade a lockback or linerlock with thumbstud opener... something along these lines? I'm thinking with the closed length no longer than 4". (Please excuse my feeble attempt at the illustratiion.)

ps... this idea came to me because during chemotherapy my finger nails became split and I could not open the blades on my stockman using the nailnicks. :bud:

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easy peasy!

Yup, it can indeed, just takes some fiddly designing.

Buck made double linerlocks called crosslocks which is clever in that simply by rotating the knife you can access both blades in right or left configuration, (though i think they only did it in right handed versions).

To do a stockman inspired knife where they both fold in the same side would be different and therefore need a flipper for the blade covered by the other. A very cool idea indeed, I'm thinking of doing multiblade knives. I'll give it a shot if you don't mind.
I've just finished the third hunter liner lock with two blades in the front.The blades are 4" long. One is a drop point style the other is a semi skinner. As someone who used to hunt I believe this combination will do the job well. I used S30V for the blades. The wideth of the handle feels good. Sorry I don't do pictures to the forum but I could send to your email address a scanned picture if you like. Please send any reply to niro@telus.net Hope you and that sweet little dog are doing well. Frank
The little guy keeps me on my toes, Frank! :running dog: E-mail sent... thanks.
It's a dang good idea, for sure. I think a traditional-style folder with 2 easy-to-open, locking blades would be awesome. Kind of the best of modern tech and old-school design.

I have a DVD where a deer-hunter/chef/butcher shows every step from gutting to trimming steaks to making a lovely meal. He used a two-bladed lockback for his field-dressing chores... one blade was a normal clip, the other had a blunt, round tip with a straight edge, for gutting. The blunt tip prevented "oops". He called it a European-style gutting blade.
What's that ol' phrase... oh yeah... 'Necessity is the mother of invention.' ;) With the advent of old age and tender fingers comes the search for a new invention. :D
Glad to see other people thinking out the box. I was thinking of a blade on each end.
I say go for it Clydetz. Darryl
Geeze... I haven't updated this thread in awhile! Frank sent me some WIP pictures as well as of the finished folder and I'll take more pictures when it arrives. I'm stoked! :biggrin:

Ready for the finishing touch...


Frank is teasing me with these pics...


Well, those were some of ther first pictures I have done. UGGG. Gary was sooo enthusiastic about it that when he asked me if he could post these around I broke down and said yes. This is a pretty big folder, but it moves very smooth indeed. I used a 3/16 pivot which I believe encourages the smoothness. the blades are 154CM flat ground; the liners are 6AL4V titanium. The reason for the 4 liners , I used three in the hunters I made, was so the liners would pop to the outside of the knife to lock and are more easy to close by pushing on them. No I can't see any problem with accidental releasing . I'm hoping Gary will give you better pictures and more info. when he gets the folder and does the pictures done.
In the mean time ask any questions you like. I will be most pleased to respond. Frank
I'm drooling in anticipation, Frank! I'm sure I will be 'as happy as a two-tailed dog' when your package arrives and I get my first peek at your 2-bladed folder! :1:


As for better pictures... I'll do my best! I'm hoping the sun decides to show its face soon so I can get some nice lighting. I'm already hunting up some backgrounds for your folder to pose on. :1:
Oh man, I just can't get enough of that folder...Beautiful.
Frank,I've always been a single-blade guy,always carry a fixed and folder,
but you have changed my feelings about double blades...
Gary,you are a lucky,and worthy fella!
Frank,thank's for allowing the pictures,
My eyes say "thank you!" :)