Howdy from Northern CA

And when I say Northern, I mean 10 miles south of the Oregon th middle of the Klamath National Forest (only have 2.5 million acres of trees around us). My wife and I retired here 20 years ago bought a small (20 acre) plot of dirt, made it into our farm. Grow our own food, cook and heat with wood. Decided I needed something else to do, so I'm trying knife making. Posted my first attempt and the folks replying are most supportive, So with a long cold mountain winter coming up, it looks as if I have found something to do.:)

Von Gruff

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Welcome to the workshop Bjmac. getting the first one done is a milestone but what it does more than anything else is cement the need to make another one and then another one etc ec etc.
Thanks for the welcome. I appreciate it and look forward to participating and learning from all the experience that is evident here.