How to fix lock failing...


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I've never had a folder I made not pass the "whack the blade spline" test, testing the lock. I'm not sure how your supposed to fix it. Bend lock bar more ?
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That problem often comes from the contact point between the lockbar face and blade tang being too high. When I first started making folders I thought that it was best to have the whole face of the lockbar contacting the tang. I learned that having a single point of contact down towards the bottom of the tang gives a tighter lockup and reduces the chance of lock rock. If you have an existing knife that you're struggling with, adding a little extra tension to the lock bar spring can help, but probably won't eliminate it.

J. Doyle

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It could be too much lock contact area, too steep of a blade tang angle, or not enough spring tension on the lock bar. But more than likely, its one of the first two or a combination of both.