Hook-Eye cutlery grinder

Discussion in 'Knife Dogs Main Forum' started by Screwy Squirrel, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. Screwy Squirrel

    Screwy Squirrel Well-Known Member

    Has anyone ever used one of these ? I got this one at a estate sale for $5 it takes a 1.5 x 24 inch belt 1/4 hp. they seem to be used for sharpening has a guide to adjust angle, runs really good. I have found several sources for the belts and they are cheap even for Norton belts. they still make them and a new one is around $500 . just wondered if anyone has one or had used one.:les:

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  2. Frank Niro

    Frank Niro KNIFE MAKER

    It's an interesting one ! Frank
  3. Dwane Oliver

    Dwane Oliver Well-Known Member

    WOW , what a SCORE.
  4. HHH Knives

    HHH Knives Super Moderator

    Great score Mike! Get some belts made for it and have at it! Congrats on another great find.
  5. Pieter

    Pieter Well-Known Member

    Great find I am sure it will still make a knife or two.
  6. Mconner

    Mconner Well-Known Member

    Why don't I ever come across something like that when my wife drags me to an estate sale? I do good to find a ball peen hammer....

  7. stabber

    stabber Knife Dealer Extraordinaire

    Wow!! 5 bux!!! Great score. I once ordered 1X? in very high grit for my friend Ed from a guy(?) off Ebay. I'm sure you can get whatever grit you want made up. Being it's an odd size
  8. Indian George

    Indian George Well-Known Member

    Lil Mikey, how about a pic of the other one????
  9. Screwy Squirrel

    Screwy Squirrel Well-Known Member

    Soon George I took it apart to paint it while I wait for belts.
  10. Big Smitty

    Big Smitty Well-Known Member

    Hey that's cool, great find!
  11. DaveMartell

    DaveMartell Active Member

    I've never used one myself but I'm pretty sure it's a nice little grinder for sharpening duty. I'm also pretty sure that it's meant to run the belt through water to keep things cool. Does it have a reservoir?
  12. Fergy35

    Fergy35 Well-Known Member

    Wow, that takes me back a few years (OK maybe more more like a couple decades). We had one very similar to, if not the same as, that one at the meat market I worked at in my high school days. We used is to sharpen all our knives that were beyond what a steel could help with. With the rest adjusted where you wanted it (or should I say the store owner wanted it) it did make sharpening pretty quick and easy. Congrats on a great find. Let us know how it works for you.
  13. PROcutlery

    PROcutlery Guest

  14. PROcutlery

    PROcutlery Guest

    No reservoir for water on this machine, but we've had a special belt made that stays cool. $4.00 each...can do up to 90 knives
  15. Screwy Squirrel

    Screwy Squirrel Well-Known Member

    Thank you very much for the info, I have used it a couple time now and it seems to be a good little grinder, great for the price !
  16. Indian George

    Indian George Well-Known Member

    Lil Mikey, what was the size of the belts??????
  17. Screwy Squirrel

    Screwy Squirrel Well-Known Member

    George they are 1.5 x 24 I have gotten some 3x24 belts and split them down the middle so I was able to get them right down the road.:biggrin:

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