Home-made Sharpening Contraption


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Far from finished but all the parts are there. I need to strip it back down and tidy it all up then re-assemble but I'm too busy using it just now and it works great. All metal construction. The main body and legs are 14mm solid square bars,the rest is steel and brass. Cam locking sliding jaw. Sliding lever locking gimbal can be swapped with the flat bar at the rear for bigger blades if needed. Fine tuner and a few other bits n bobs. Weighs in at 15lb. Can be rigged to take most stones. The one in the pics is a 6" x 2" Ezee Lap 250/600 combo.
Comments more than welcome. Thanks for looking
That's really cool, did it come out of your mind or did you see one somewhere? Could you post a video of it working, I'd love too see it in action. Then I would decide if I could make it because I really stink at sharpening and need all the help I can get, lol!

Thanks guys! It just came out of my mind. Didn't even make a single drawing. I probably went a bit over the top with it but I enjoyed every minute of making it. I'll make a little video of it in action when I finish tidying it up.
Call it "over the top", but it's a thing of beauty! All those machined parts - that had to be fun to make, and I do think it would work beautifully! I am having a bit of trouble relating the top photo with the other two..... and all that snow in the background - brrrrrrrrr, just too cold for this old country boy!

Again, beautiful work.

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Wow, :jawdrop::rockon::thumbup:

Why that's purdier than a speckled puppy dog. I agree, you got to do a video and explain all the bells and whistle!

As Gomer Pyle would say, "well gooooooooolly, she shur it a looker"!