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made a trip across the river and hunted a hog tourny in Tx. this past weekend. caught 10 hogs in all but only turned in 4 biggest that would walk across the scale . got a few dogs wrecked and drank a lotta suds,great time bein in the woods with freinds. only got a few pics so heres a few
just before the start of the hunt


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thanx guys. we made a puppy hunt friday morn just for fun and man that turned out 6 hr.long hunt with a big dog wreckin boar and 2 sows that went about 200 that were stuck with ,now you would think that a guy that makes long pointed sharp metal objects with handles it would a been easy.allwe had on us was case trappers,lol.

C Craft

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I have seen the damage hogs can do first hand a man with a tractor and a plow can't rip up the earth much better than they can. Here in Fl. they are considered a nuisance so if you can find any farmer that is having problems with them it is legal to hunt them on private property 365 and their is no limit. During season you can hunt them according to regulations on state land any other time.

The young ones to me have the best flavor, but pork is pork. There is a video on utube of about a seven year old boy his father is showing off his son skinning out one! They have a rig set up to actually crank the hog up and peel it like a banana. The kid start to finish take only a few minutes and it might have been faster but he was having trouble cranking the rig! If I can find the video I will post a link!

I haven't been able to fine the one I am thinking of but this kid has seen his dad do it enough times he knows what he is doing. They raise the pig and make the appropriate cuts and get the hide started down at the hind legs then the lower the hog and that skin that has been started down is wrapped in chains somehow and as the pig is cranked back up the hide just rolls off like peeling a banana. The kid makes real short work of the process.
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Tom Militano

When I was stationed in Grafenwohr, Germany from 1970 to 1975 I saw the damage hogs can do to the rifle ranges. It wasn't unusual to hear about wild boars hurting people in rest areas along the autobahns. Those things are flat dangerous.