High Carbon Steel Care

Alden Cole

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How do you guys explain to people how to take care of carbon steel knives? Do you have an article or something that you send with your knives or something? I have started a FB page and will be selling knives off of it soon, but I want people who may not have a ton of experience with custom knives to know what they are buying. That way, once they get the knife, they won't be ticked off or sad if they leave it in water overnight and it rusts. Thank you!

Chris Railey

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I tell them personally, the following, "If you leave it wet, it will rust, period". I also include a fact sheet about their knife listing the fine details and care instructions. I also recommend to them they put car wax on non food related knives and EDCI on food related knives. I am happy to send you my template for the "fact sheet" if you want to use it. Just shoot me an email.

Alden Cole

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I guess that's what I figured would be the case, but I just wanted to make sure there wasn't any special way or something. Chris I would love to see your template. Thanks for the replies!


"The Montana Bladesmith"
Here's a exert from the paperwork I send with each knife sold.......

How to care for your knife
  1. Treat your knife as you would your favorite hunting rifle or non-stainless steel handgun. Unless specified, all Caffrey Knives are Carbon or alloy steel, and they will rust.
2. DO NOT!
  1. Allow your knife to remain in a hot environment such as a dashboard or near a high source of heat.
  2. NEVER, NEVER, put your knife in the dishwasher (don’t laugh, a number of folks have done this and really wrecked their knife.)
  3. Use your knife as a pry bar, screwdriver, or as a makeshift hammer.
  4. Pound on the spine of the knife with a rock or other hard items.
  5. Store the knife in the scabbard/sheath for extended periods of time (leather). Leather will draw any moisture that is present and will likely cause tarnish or rust to form on the steel
  1. DO…..
    1. Keep your knife clean and dry
    2. When cleaning your knife it’s OK to use soap and warm water, but ensure you dry the knife thoroughly once it’s clean.
    3. Protect you knife with a coat of good quality wax. I prefer a carnauba based automotive type wax. You can use it on the entire knife and it protects better than oils without drawing dirt/dust. (I use and recommend Mother’s Carnauba Cleaner/Wax.
    4. Use a wax that is Silicon Free. If there is ANY moisture present, silicon waxes will trap the moisture under the wax, and quickly cause rust.
Feel free to copy and use any of that material you'd like. Even with it, you will run across people who don't read it, nor listen to you when you tell them (which I do verbally). I've had several instances where people put their knives in the dishwasher....then called me wailing and whining when it was basically destroyed.... and I asked if they'd read the paperwork I sent with the knife? The answer is always "No!"...... Sorry pal.... it's on you. Which is just one more example of..... You can't fix stupid!!


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I have something similar to what Ed posted that I include with my knives. I also have a page on my site that I got (with permission) from Jay Fisher - Link . I only hope that people read the included instructions/website. The amount of time and sweat equity that goes into a blade only to see someone trash it would piss me off to no end.

I almost took a knife back from a client that told me he was going to use it to open boxes. Arrgh....