Hidden tang pins vs. no pins

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I am sure this has been addressed but what are some reasons why you would use or not use pins in hidden tangs? I plan on using them but does that take away from hidden tang knife’s appeal


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I plan on using them but does that take away from hidden tang knife’s appeal
In my experience, clients prefer to see at least one pin in a hidden tang handle. Why? Having asked many folks about it, the universal response is that they feel the handle is more secure when there are pins through it. Is that true? Personally I don't believe it is.....PROVIDED the tang is built/prepped correctly, and the proper adhesive is used.

This is how many clients of ABS style knives expect a pin to show in a hidden tang....

There are instances where I'd rather not use a pin/pins..... when I do a full carved/textured handle is one example. In that case, I feel that a pin or pins often detracts from the overall product..... in this case I chose to turn a hidden tang, into a through tang with a butt nut.

We spoke just a day or two ago about Acraglas.....and this is were it really shines! I did several experiments before I committed to using Acraglas, those being using it to "glue" several hidden tang blanks to various types of handle materials. Then, after curing, I took a large ball-peen hammer to each of the handles...... I could break and/or chip off the handle materials itself.....but in all cases, there was a "wad" of Acraglas left.....with a lot of pounding I could chip it, but for the most part it required grinding to remove...... I was sold.
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Thank you Ed. That’s a detailed answer to my question / with pics. I understand. I am considering using a mosaic pin in my Bowie. However where I want to place it, near the butt would be strictly cosmetic so I will have to ponder that. I think if I did that I still would balance it with a small pin through the tang.