Hi from Australia: First serious attempt at a sheath.


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G'day all,
I have been reading lots on here and learning heaps.
I have been a hunter for years, and wanted to get into the leatherwork a bit, as my family has all the gear, so setup was easy enough.
A mate of mine on the hunting website makes custom knives for people, but not necessarily any sheaths for them, so i thought that might be a place to come up with some projects, and maybe even a few dollars to buy more leather, if people like what i make for them.
So i put up a story on the website, and got sent two knives, one is just a boner, and the other was a custom made knife with a resin and burl handle.
So i made a molded sheath for the boner, and then a tooled sheath for the other one. And then i threw it out and made another one, and i am much happier with it.
Thanks for all i have learned on here.


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Outstanding, especially for your first "serious" attempts. The stitching is especially even and the stamping nice and straight. I don't know if you sew by hand or by machine but if it is by hand a stitching pony is very handy.

Thanks Doug,
I mark and drill the holes on a small drill press and hand sew them with a saddle-stitch.
I used to make pistol holsters for guys in my old club that couldn't get holsters off the shelf, but never anything tooled or ornate, just a lot of molding and sewing. One of the first things i bought for myself this time was a cheap stitching pony. Thanks for the feedback. the guy i made the sheath for hasn't seen it yet and should get it in the mail today. I am hoping he likes it. :)