Help with small technical glitch with Knifedogs address

Kevin R. Cashen

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I hope I can call on your patience, I know just enough about web work to be dangerous but I have been experiencing an issue. For many months now intermittently when I click my book mark in I-Explorer to come to Knifedogs I get an error that I cannot access the page. In the past I simply retyped with the “www” and then got access, but I would then have to open every sub-forum in a separate window or the error would repeat. The odd thing is that I could then try a couple times later, or the next day and it would load the first time with no problem. The two different addresses that I have to go back and forth with are “” and “”. Until now it has only been an inconvenience but it seems to be escalating because this week neither variation will bring me to Knifedogs and I have to bring the site up in Mozilla, which works with either address, as far as I know.

Would anybody know what setting in I-Explorer could I have set wrong to account for this problem?
Sometimes when using 2 search engines they seem to fight for control of computer , I have had the same problem before and I did a system restore , back to when computer was working properly. I would also discard all your cookies in your enternet explorer and do a disk cleanup , which will be in start menu. That should help you . Bubba....... ...... PS if you need help give me a call and I will walk you through it.
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