Help with old razor

Dennis Morland

First off, I do not know anything about razors. However, I own one. I would like to garner some information about this razor, if possible. I have done a few internet searches and found some information that was useful.

This is what I know about this razor. It was my grandfather's razor. He immigrated to the US in the late 1930's from Germany. I

n all likelihood, he brought this razor with him on the ship??? That is a complete guess on my part. It would be a cool story, though.

The tang is stamped "Geo Wostenholm & Son Sheffield England" on one side and "Superb" on the other. It is black with a cream colored liner. I have the original box, also. It says pretty much the same stuff.

Any insight would be appreciated. Here are some pictures.











It's a easy skill to master ! But you should still bring it back to life even if you don't use it.
To all the members of Knife dogs:

I sent this old cherished razor out to AkWildman for a bit of restoration. I was a little bit worried. I just got it returned to me. All I can say is WOW! I am truly humbled and excited that he did such a great job on my grandfather's razor. It looks amazing. I would post a few pictures but my camera is not at the office.

I cannot say thank you enough for doing this for me. I am indebted to you for your service on this razor. If I can ever repay you for this act of kindness, just ask.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Great job Wildman, I like the pipe razor, many others do too. Straight razor is full of info on straight shaving DeMo, I shave straight and hone my own, haven't made a razor yet but considering building the grinder for such.

What is your favorite finishing Hone for razors Wildman? I have a few, coticule, a Vermio from Greece and getting an Suehiro 20K Gokumyo and mess with Jnats a little.