Help with coil math.


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Hi. Long story short, I melted my Hubert HT oven and have re-wired as follows: Original setup was 4 30 ohm coils (top, bottom, LHS, RHS). Bottom coil is toast and I don't want to replace it for obvious reasons. In sort, circuit from the factory had 2 coils in series in parallel with 2 other coils in series giving an effective resistance of 30 ohm to the 240v line (in reality, it's a bit more complicated as there is a low/med/high switch that the SSDx2 pass through). So for now I ran LHS and RHS coils in series and then in parallel with the one top coil giving me an effective resistance of only 20 ohm (if I did my math right). The result is that both LHS and RHS coils are very dim and the top coil is nicely lit up. My thinking is to put a 30 ohm 2kw resistor in the circuit to replace the bottom coil in order to restore the original circuit resistance and current draw. If I'm right about that, I'm not sure how to pick this resistor?
PS: Current draw across single coil is 8A
Thanks, Gary.