Help Me ID this Automatic with a squirrel?


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Okay, I know she's in a really bad way. But most of the parts are there and the mechanism works (or at least it will when I add a stop pin that is missing in the top)
This looks like it was either lost in the mud, or tossed away so as not to be caught with it. Funny, the majority of the knife is made from stainless. Except the screws and pivot are all of something that seems to rust quite well. It is a button release, and has a nice lock mechanism. It appears to use a coil spring. The blade looks like someone tried to chop though a whole bunch of wires with it. The only markings I can find are an animal that looks kind of like a squirrel and the word Stainless in script font. Pictures follow.
Any info or pointers would be welcome. It is 3.25" closed and has a 2" blade.

Lunch time gives me the chance to get away from my desk. Couldn't find the EZ-Out but a couple drill bits followed by a small torx driver and voila.

So, here's what I have. I still haven't gotten the bolsters off yet. Perhaps tonight. So the coil spring has a cage. I am not sure if it is glued in, or held in place somehow from under the bolster. But I won't force it for now. I do see a bit of rust in there. as well as with the button spring. I would like to replace them. There is a single washer, that sits between the blade and the locking switch. It is some kind of bronze but it seems like it is in good enough condition for the time being. The blade rides in direct contact with the spring cage. It is black, perhaps some kind of bronze or perhaps cast metal of some sort. Figure it out later, I guess :)

At this point, I am not sure how I would be able to reproduce the spring cage, but every other part seems pretty straight forward. The fact that the bolsters and the liners are same/similar material suggests there are just 2 different sized holes instead of where one might use a counterbore. Looks like all the scales are screwed on with M2 (guessing) screws. I am guessing the bolsters are also M2. So there are about 8 holes that need to be threaded. 3 standoff bushings assuming that the top stop is the same as the other two, otherwise, it just needs to be a spool pin as it doesn't look to be threaded on either end. (Will know for sure when the bolsters come off.)

So it looks like I need a pivot, a bunch of M2 screws, a couple springs, some ss tubing or something for standoff material, and possibly a bronze washer.

Can anyone suggest how one goes about buying a spring? I assume I would have to go to the "spring store" or something. :) But I guess there are some measurements I would need to take first? And I need to know the right thing to call them based on how they are used? Push vs pull vs rotate and so forth?