hi, i stumbled upon this thread searching thru google. it seems normally knife activities are far away in another state. im happy to see something so close by. indian george, i tried clicking your link several times, but it says im forbidden from the page. maybe its my crummy connection huh1 i was trying to find out more about what goes on at a hammer in, and how i could join. ive made some knives and collected some too. figured id sign up and say hello. im out near northampton. are you really an indian ? :D woodster.
Welcome aboard. My site is all messed up. Need someone to build me a new one. Come on down for a visit. Saturdays, I usually have a few Bubba's over here.oh no! 1oh no! 1
Feel free to call me on my cell 508 951 2719 no later than 8:00PM.;)
I have been know as Indian George for almost 40 years, because I have been riding my 1947 Indian Chief that long.ride safe2thumbs
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aww darn, there goes my image of you typing with a feather head dress, haha. i used to live in springfield near the old indian plant. 508... must be boston? :mad: what do you do when guests are over? are you making knives or partying :cool: woodster