Hello from the Ozarks!


Hello folks,

Just joined last night. I am a 52 year old part time knife collector. I have been collecting for about nine years while only acquiring about twenty knives. Wife and I are in the lower Missouri Ozarks with plans to moving to Lake of the Ozarks before long. We take care of my 91 year old father and have 11 pets (7 cats, 4 dogs).
I used to be a religious watcher of the old "Saturday Night Gun & Knife Show" and "Cutlery Corner" when Todd Boone hosts. I joined this site hoping to learn more about knives. I am a pocket knife collector.

Take care, everyone!
Welcome. This is a pretty friendly group here. That Lake of the Ozarks area is pretty neat.
Sept 21 there will be a 4 states hammer-in held at Gentry Arkansas. Makers demoeing and table for sale set up. The hammer in rotates between Mo.,KS, OK. ,and ARK.
Holy smokes! I used to live in Gentry and went to the schools there. I moved there from Kansas City and was there from 82-86. Is that being held at the Tired Iron grounds?