Hello from Pittsburgh


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Hey guys!

I’ve been lurking, so I figured I should introduce myself. I run a district for an oil and gas manufacturing company and operate 2 Franchise locations. I have 2 young girls and a 3rd due on Jan 3.

I’ve been geeking out a lot lately on high end steels, and it sparked the interest to try making some blades. My end goal is to make some lasers out of Vancron/Rex121, bushcraft in V4E, and hunters/B&T in Vanex.

With that being said, there’s a HUGE gap in current tooling and skill set, so here’s my plan.

Start making sharpfingers. I LOVE the design and it seems like a good place to start. I’ll probably dabble with some small hunters/skinners as well. I’ll start with wood to build some muscle memory on grinds. Then, I’ll move to AEB-L. That’s a good CHEAP steel that I can have Peters take to 63-64 HRC ish for good practice.

I figure I’ll leave HT for down the road so I can see if this is more than a fleeting desire. Those darn ovens are expensive :)

Doug Lester

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Yep, those ovens are expensive not to mention the talwars if you want to get into cryo heat treating. You'll have to ask yourself if you are making enough blades to invest in all that equipment.

Anyway, welcome to the madness.


Chris Railey

Just in my opinion if your goal is to grind freehand then I would say yes, it will help you build muscle memory. If you intend to grind with jigs (which is fine too) then it would not help you as much.