Heat treating.


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Ok, so my knife is ready to be heat treated, what do i have to do to heat treat with a primitive forge, i have motor oil to quench, oh and the steel is 5160, and it is around .25 thick on the spine.
Use vegetable oil rather than motor oil. Peanut Oil has a higher flash point than others. The smoke from motor oil can be carcinogenic. Everyone should take care of their health but especially you at your young and tender age.
Pug, sweet talk someone down at the local hamburger stand and see if they can spair a couple of gallons of use oil that they are going to send out for recycling. I'd ask before showing up with a container, however, just out of curtisy.

Doug Lester
I can get some veggie oil, i just heard motor oil worked, and we have leiters of used motor oil.