Heat colored Damascus Questions?

johnny warner

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What are the pro's and con's of heat colored damascus blades, bolsters and folder handles? I have seen some beautiful coloring effects on fixed and folder knives and wondered how deep is the coloring and what effect will the knife have if the knife is used and/or carried?
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Heat coloring is the most fragile of the coloring methods. It will not stand up to ANY abuse or rough handling. Heat coloring is nothing more than a super thin oxide layer, similar to that you would see when you temper a blade. In many cases it can be removed by repeated handling.

The most durable coloring method I have found, that is readily available is baking lacquers.

In certain situations Nitre Blue can be very durable, especially if the surface is bead/sand blasted prior, but the surface condition will also have a profound impact on the colors and hues in the finished product.