Happy Birthday Bruce!


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happy Burp day to you! Happy Burp Day to you! Happy Burp Day Bruce!
Happy Birthday to you! And many more!!!!!!! Knives that is!

Well my friend that we haven't met in person yet! :happybday: :happybday:
:s12205: :s12137:

Too YOU!



JC in SC

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Happy Birthday Bruce! You are the main reason I frequent Knife Dogs as much as I do. I truly hope it is a special day for you, spent with family and friends or doing something that you love.

Bruce Bump

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What a bunch of nice dogs you guys are. 61 years young today. Me and the grandkids are spending the afternoon in the sun and water at the city pool. The axegun can just wait.
Thanks Guys!

Bruce Bump

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I had one of the best birthdays ever. Two cakes and camo shorts. It dont get much better than that.