Indian George

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Southern New England Knifemaker’s Guild

We are scheduling a HI for April 16th. At my shop
358 Elm St. New Bedford, Ma.
We will be having door prizes.
Micro forge
Knife vise
Handle materials
Wayne Coe's bottle opener
Indian George’s Heat Treating Relish (World Famous)
I am open for suggestion for other door prizes.
If you want to be in the drawing, your dues ($20) must be paid up for 2011. All paid members will be in the drawing, whether attending or not.
The fee for the HI will be $40. Ladies and Students no charge.
I'll be cooking up some of the Good Ole Style Portagee Food. Also, I'll be cooking something for the Sissy too. HEHEHEHEHEHE!!!
I am open for suggestions of this also.
First come; first serve on the lollipop stick for making Cable Damascus
E Mail me for payment method. See All You Bubbas Here. (Or not)
My second floor apartment will be available for a small fee. It is furnished gas stove, fridge, washer, dryer and etc.

Email: indgeo@juno.com
Home #: 508 999 7090
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IG get 10 more signed up (20) and I will send another bottle opener or a knife up for another door prize.
You know wayne that sounds like a good time ! this weather sucks , its terrible haven't been away from house since knife show in St Louis last week . 4-5 in of solid ice here . Maybe some other time when its a bit less icey.
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I received this email this AM.
To:'Indian George' <indgeo@juno.com>
Howdy George,

I’m pretty sure I can come this year; would you like me to set up a booth and maybe a knife sheath demo? Would it be ok if I found a friend or two (knife makers) come with me or are you expecting to be booked.

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Jim Siska signed up.:35: Paul Sabin donated a small piece of Mokume and Mosaic Damascus for bolsters and guards. Door prizes are growing. :3: